About Us

Who We Are

Mezzo was founded in 2013 by the husband-wife duo, Tanuj & Priya, as an idea for India’s most promising lifestyle brands, that inherit the richness of traditions and blends with the modernity to beautify your home.

Mezzo is a part of our Textile printing company Mezzo Clothings Pvt Ltd (Mod Prints), from past 35 years we have been offering all kinds of textile printing to both domestic and international clients. As we decided to broaden our horizons and make the best of our printing forte we launched our brand "Mezzo" Our future plans is to open exclusive stores soon. Also, the brand works on introducing new products, which happens every now and then

What We Do

We are a platform to come for inspiration and design ideas for your home year round. Because of our great values, we are a huge favorite of exquisite world with expertise in manufacturing & designing, interior decorators, and just about anyone seeking to beautify their home and surroundings. We provide level service, a myriad of choices, designer products with expertise, great value, inspiring ideas, and an overall exciting and fun shopping experience with vast array of options for creating a new look. Our group exports home furnishings to some of the leading global brands like The Pillow Room, Yippie Hippie

What We Sell

Today, many customers spend hours browsing through the thousands of items displayed in vignettes designed to create inspiration and ideas to make your home warm, comforting and inviting, Mezzo provides a destination shopping with its home decor products and constantly updated exotic cushion covers, bed linen, table linen, tea cozy, tissue box etc. We provide products that is a true reflection of your own self with our vast array of options for creating a look.

Quality Assurance

With the shift in global mindset and awareness of changing trends, Mezzo stands on the forefront with its exclusive product range. Our products are made to be lived in and loved for a long time and our customers can be sure that we'll never settle for second best.